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Job seekers, check out our candidate page.

Job seekers, check out
our candidate page.

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We Are Efficient

Loophire was phenomenal. Their easy-to-use platform rewarded me with numerous great candidates for two positions I was looking to fill. Not only was the process painless but the new hires have been a great fit for my company. I will be back!

Kyle Rasmussen, Z Design

We Are Value Priced

Eliminate the firehose of resumes from job boards without the expense of recruiters; pay only for the candidate(s) you want to contact. Choose light-touch or full-service support.

Loophire was an excellent resource that made it super easy to find and hire a great administrator. The process was efficient and affordable, and we'll continue to use them for future hiring needs.

James Manske, Elkhorn Lawncare

We Are Results Driven

Dedicated expertise to create your customized company profile, job descriptions, assessments and more, ensuring only the top candidate matches.

Loophire helped us source awesome candidate options. We interviewed and made an offer within 7 days. GREAT experience, kudos!

Tom Laughlin, Marvel MedStaff


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