We make hiring great people as easy as it should be.

Your job is busy enough. That’s why our mission is to help you find hardworking, perfect-fit people to join you without spending a zillion hours doing it. We use a bit of edgy technology to do it – but we always keep our tools simple to use. Then we add our Midwest nice to the equation and you have a tool and a team on your side. We’d love to show you. Up for a chat?

What’s our story? Glad you asked.

Loophire was founded in 2019 by Chris Jones.

Chris is a former recruiter and staffing agency owner with over 3,000 candidate placements. Decades of feedback from hiring teams told him, “there’s got to be a better way.”

Chris built Loophire to help small to medium sized companies handle hiring with the help of simple technology and human connection.

Chris Jones

Founder, CEO

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Biagio Arobba

Chief Technology Officer

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Maureen Jackson

Operations Manager

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Sidney Maddalena

Marketing Specialist

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