We find jobs that make you wake up happy.

Who knew work didn’t have to feel like garbage? With the help of genuine experts and just-plain-nice-people, a great job could be yours.

Drained from that project where micromanager Mike took all the credit for your work? Tired of thankless nights emailing back and forth? It’s not your fault. You’re just a hardworkin’ person in a wrong-fit role. Let’s talk.

Loophire helps HR recruiters and hiring managers find professionals that fit their organization.

Dream Job Matching

Holding out for a once in a lifetime opportunity? Great, just tell us about the job or company you’re looking for and we’ll go find it for you!

Midwest Nice

Call us old fashioned, but we really care and your experience is everything to us. Our team is here to help – we’re just a click or call a way.

Resume Refresh

Resume isn’t ready? Great! We love a dusty Word doc. We’ll help you bring your resume into this century.

This is our world.

Our specialty is matching talented people like you with the right opportunities at the right time.

It’s Time to Love Your Next Job.

I can honestly say finding a job has never been easier than it was with Loophire. They had 3 available jobs for me to choose from and I was able to interview right away. I accepted an offer the same week. I’ve referred them to numerous people already. Great job!

— Tom L., Job Seeker

Ready To Seize Your Moment?

If your resume has seen better days – like it’s still stored on your parents desktop computer back home, we’ll help you get back in the game. Good news is, it’s an employee’s market. You’re the VIP now, so we just need to show you off.

Want a work from home gig? Done. Cool office downtown where you can drink fancy lattes? Yum. Maybe this isn’t *cool* to say, but we care where you end up.

The more people like where they work — the fewer grumpy people in the grocery store line (lookin’ at you, Joanne).

Stop stressing, Judy.

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