Log in, interview and hire. It’s that easy.

The tool for overworked small to medium business managers that need to figure out hiring fast, but don’t know where to start.

Imagine this. You open Outlook to find a list of candidates so great it’s like you had a headhunter scouting all night. 

Each resume is better than the next. You’re skeptical, but you schedule interviews with your top three.

They all show up. On time. You extend an offer and the paperwork is signed-sealed-delivered. A new hire is yours. Within a week.

That hiring dream is Loophire, and it isn’t enterprise-level expensive. So before you hit that back button, let’s talk.

Genuinely Simple

Just login, check out your candidates and make your picks. Nothing complicated.

Fair Pricing

We use performance-based pricing – which means you only pay us if we nail it.

Full Service

Concierge level support, from pre-screening candidates to building your career page. 5 star stuff.

This is our world

You probably get up every day crossing your fingers you’ll have enough time in the day to work on projects that bring you real satisfaction. We know hiring isn’t your passion.

Good news: hiring is our thing. We’ve worked with hundreds of companies like yours and placed over 3,000 candidates.

Ready to make hiring easier?

If you’ve felt drained from rummaging through resumes until your eyes bleed, it’s not your fault.

Hiring is hard. And it got roughly a bajillion times harder in the last year. The job market has spun nearly out of control. 

Truthfully? It doesn’t look like things are slowing down. 

Another truth bomb: your workload probably isn’t set for a big decrease anytime soon (sorry). Why not call in an expert now. It’s time.  

Invest in a hiring process that you can rely on, risk free.