Company Policies Checklist

by | Dec 7, 2023

Navigating appropriate workplace behaviors, understanding obligations and rights, and adhering to company policies are vital components for a successful integration into our work environment. To streamline this process, we recommend providing new hires with an employee handbook, available either digitally or in a physical format. Distributing this handbook before their start date allows them to familiarize themselves with our company policies at their own pace.

During the initial days of their employment, ensure accessibility to address any questions new hires may have. Ideally, a member of our HR team should schedule a presentation to go over key policies within the first day or week.

Company Policies Checklist Example:

Compensation Policy:

  • Payroll schedule details (e.g., monthly or biweekly)
  • Payment methods (e.g., direct deposit, mail, or in-person)
  • Overtime pay terms (if applicable)
  • Job performance-related bonuses

Employee Leave Policy:

  • Types and entitlement of leaves
  • Procedures for requesting time off (e.g., email or internal form submission)
  • Categories such as paid time off, unpaid time off, company holidays, sick leave, parental leave, and special occasions (e.g., jury duty)

Performance Review Policy:

  • Purpose and frequency of performance appraisals (e.g., quarterly)
  • Performance appraisal tools/software (if applicable)
  • Topics covered during appraisals (e.g., quantitative results)
  • Goal-setting process
  • Informal feedback methods (e.g., regular 1:1s)

Workplace Regulations:

  • Daily schedule and workday end times
  • Break schedules (e.g., lunch)
  • Personal workstation management guidelines (e.g., locking drawers)
  • Internet usage policies for personal matters
  • Parking restrictions (if applicable)

Workplace Safety Policy:

  • Location of emergency exits
  • Basic security guidelines (e.g., access token usage)
  • Visitors policy

Employee Confidentiality Policy:

  • Confidentiality rules and data protection procedures
  • Guidelines for handling sensitive information
  • Secure storage of documents and data, whether physical or digital

Benefits Overview:

  • Explanation of perks and benefits
  • Required forms and detailed manuals
  • Examples of benefits, such as health and life insurance, stock options, mobile plans, company car usage, bonuses, and wellness programs

Remote Work Policy:

  • Request process for work-from-home days
  • Employee responsibilities during remote work (e.g., strong Internet connection)
  • Out-of-office best practices
  • Limitations on remote work (if any)

Employee Travel Policy:

  • Frequency and timing of travel
  • Covered travel expenses
  • Reimbursement procedures
  • Necessary travel documents (e.g., passport and visa)

Employee Development and Education Policies:

  • Training and development initiatives
  • Conferences, workshops, and resources (e.g., books, subscriptions, online courses)
  • Education budget details


By utilizing this checklist you can ensure that your new hires are fully informed on company policies and guidelines to ensure a smooth transition into their new role.

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