Why You Should Consider a Hiring Solution

by | Jun 29, 2023

For many talent pros, the thought of obtaining RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), agencies, and/or hiring solutions like us here at Loophire feels like an admission of failure or even a “slap in the face” depending on who made the decision. However, there are a lot of reasons why you might consider getting support. I am sure you know several of them, but there might be some new reasons you haven’t thought of!

Here are some reasons why the Loophire team suggests you might consider a hiring solution:

  • Expertise – More often than not, your talent team’s skills are built around hunting for the primary areas you hire for.  Oftentimes, teams won’t have pools of candidates in other areas readily available.  If you need to make a critical hire fast, it might be time to consider some support.
  • Not enough resources – Every talent team has hit tough times at one point or another.  There can simply be too much growth all at once that can have you feeling that you are overrun with requisitions.  Rather than burn out your team in the rush to hire, and have missteps such as poor onboarding, it can make sense to use a firm so your team can create an outstanding experience and retain all of your new hires!
  • Not enough skill – Not every team is well-versed in every particular part of the business. Having these individuals responsible for hiring for positions outside of their scope of expertise not only wastes time and resources but also money! In addition, a large number of talent teams are great at recruiting but can sometimes lack sourcing.  At one time or another, you are going to need some hunters to find the talent you need.  Here at Loophire for instance, we are a whole team dedicated to and passionate about the hunt for talent!
  • Widen your candidate pools – Some talent teams get so hyper-focused on bringing in talent that will “check every box”.  Sometimes they will get into a cycle of searching for talent that looks, acts, and sounds the same without realizing it.  Outstanding companies aren’t built on carbon copies, they are built on diversity and originals.  If you need to get out of the rut and see some fresh talent, it might be time to engage.
  • Secret searches – We all know that sometimes a company needs their next hire to be keyed up and ready to rock before having to part ways with a leader or any other team member who holds a critical position in their business.  If this is the case for your organization, it can make a ton of sense to utilize a hiring solution so that you can avoid/limit the changes being communicated before you are ready.

Loophire Rules of Engagement – What you should look for in a Talent firm:

  • Partnership – Plenty of firms out there want to pick up and fill in the 1 or 2 positions you have in a critical time and then disappear after that.  We suggest working with a partner that believes in your business, and products and wants to help you grow long-term.  Ask yourself the following:
    • Do I want to work with the person I am talking with at this firm?
    • What does longevity look like at their company?
    • Are they someone who hops around too much and might not be there tomorrow?
    • Does the firm have high turnover/movement in their employees?

At the end of the day you want to know that if you are going for a long-term relationship, they are going to be there and grow with your business.  A consistent cattle call of people are not going to get to understand your business thoroughly!

  • Technology – This is of very high importance, as communication back and forth is key to success in this relationship.  Ask yourself:
    • Is everything done over email so it gets lost in the shuffle OR does it go through an organized platform?
    • If there is a platform being used by you, is it easy to use?  Does it enhance the experience of using their services?
    • Does using the platform create more work for you and your hiring team?

Loophire has it’s very own candidate/client portal. All necessary correspondence including reviewing resumes, approving/scheduling candidates for an interview, and more is done directly through an easy-to-use online platform.

  • Image/Communication standards – I don’t know every business’s standards, but for most; image in the local community is very important to their business.  If a company is going to represent you, it is critical that you work with a firm that has a solid and respectful reputation. Ask:
    • Do I know anyone that has worked with this firm before as a candidate?
    • What have been your own experiences?
    • How did I get connected with them in the first place?
    • What is the process that the candidates undertake with them?
    • What is their messaging like?
    • How transparent are they with candidates?  Do they make false promises?
  • Price/Cost – As many firms as there are, you will find just as many price/fee structures.   One of the ones we personally dislike the most is the hidden fees that come with a temp-to-hire buyout.  At Loophire, we don’t work with contingent searches, temp jobs, part time jobs or contract roles, preferring to focus our time and energy in our partnership on retained and direct hire positions as it is most transparent to both sides. Ask yourself:
    • Is managing or understanding the fees structure simple and straightforward?
    • Do the fees make sense for who I am looking to hire? (You don’t need a firm to hire temps).
    • How easy is it to make a payment?
    • What happens if I want to hire this person?
    • What is the replacement policy if my new hire doesn’t work out?
    • Are there any money back guarantees?

Ultimately, engaging with a hiring solution is a highly critical decision for any business.  At Loophire, we understand the importance of our work in the lives of those we support. Reach out to schedule a brief, zero obligation call to determine what Loophire can do for you and your business!

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