Loophire’s 100% Guaranteed Recruitment Approach

by | Aug 31, 2023

Loophire’s Guaranteed Hiring Solution: Say Goodbye to Bad Hires

Discover how Loophire’s revolutionary hiring solution can save you from the costly impact of bad hires. We know firsthand the cost a bad hire can have on your business. Why do you think we share our Bad Hire Calculator any chance we get? 

Our approach works so well that we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.  We understand how hard finding the right candidate can be. More importantly, we know how important it is to hire and retain that candidate. 

Guaranteed Hiring Solution = The Cure for Costly Bad Hires

The High Stakes of Hiring

In today’s competitive job market, finding the right candidate for your team can be a challenge. As a performance-driven professional,  you don’t want to invest in a solution that might not work out. What if there was a way to eliminate that risk and ensure results? This is where Loophire’s unique approach comes into play.

Loophire’s Unique Approach to Recruitment

Gone are the days of traditional staffing agencies. Loophire is redefining the hiring process with our innovative approach. Instead of simply filling vacancies, Loophire takes an analytical view of recruitment. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology and industry insights, Loophire provides a fresh perspective on hiring. Among the many advantages, we also offer a custom hiring dashboard built just for your organization’s needs. Loophire takes into account your company’s culture, values, and specific requirements for the role you are trying to fill and sources candidates who are just the right fit.

Standing Out With the 90/90 Money-Back Guarantee

Loophire doesn’t just offer promises, we deliver results. The 90/90 money-back guarantee is proof of our commitment. If a hired candidate doesn’t meet your expectations within the first 90 days, Loophire will deliver a replacement free of charge. We’re here to make sure you land the right employee. This shift in risk management empowers you to make confident hiring decisions.

The Proof

Brand Hydraulics’ success story serves as a shining example of Loophire’s reputation. Faced with year-long vacancies, the company partnered with Loophire and experienced a remarkable turnaround. Through careful candidate selection and the assurance of the 90/90 guarantee, Brand Hydraulics found the perfect fit and has never looked back.

“We have four great employees now and are SO HAPPY. They are intelligent, experienced, and fit with our workflow and culture.” 

—Ellen Hanten, HR Director, Brand Hydraulics

Calculating the Real Cost: Bad Hire vs. Guarantee

We all know that bad hires can be costly. From rehiring expenses to the toll on team morale, the numbers add up. However, the true question is, how much does a bad hire actually cost? Take a moment to calculate the expenses and compare them to the assurance of Loophire’s guarantee. You might be surprised by the results.

Use our Bad Hire Calculator

Providing Hiring Managers With a Solution

Loophire’s approach is tailor-made for you. It addresses the very concerns you face: spending resources on traditional staffing agencies that might not yield results. Or sometimes even worse, spending your valuable time trying to sort through countless candidates that are unqualified for your needs. With Loophire, you’re not just getting random resumes; you’re gaining a partner in a strategic and successful recruitment process.

Taking Action: Embrace the Guaranteed Hiring Solution

Take a step back and consider the potential cost of a bad hire versus the guarantee of Loophire’s results. This shift is not just about reducing risk; it’s about embracing a proactive approach to recruitment. Be sure to take a look at success stories like Brand Hydraulics to better understand what making the right hire can look like for you.

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